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Tawa Kāhui Ako Board of Trustees

Thank you very much to everyone who gives up their time being part of one of the Tawa Kāhui Ako boards.  We all appreciate what you do for our schools and our Tawa community.

Thank you to all of those who turned up to our combined board meeting.  You came up with lots of questions that as a Kāhui Ako we will try to answer throughout the year.

Questions which were raised

  • What is one thing that all schools are doing that binds them together in the Kāhui Ako?

  • How can schools work together to positively impact the community?

  • What does the ‘connection’ between Tawa Schools look like?

  • Can we help support each other?

  • How can BoTs support the Kāhui Ako?

  • How does the Kāhui Ako feed information back to the community?

  • What is the structure of the Kāhui Ako?

  • Given Tawa’s strong sense of community, how do we as a Kāhui Ako continue to promote this?

  • How can the Kāhui Ako contribute to strengthening the Tawa Community?

  • What are the 1-2 primary focus areas (and for the primary schools - as the majority of schools in the KA)?

  • How can we drive support for social/mental concerns?

  • What are we doing to provide continuity for learners?

rangituhi both sides

rangituhi both sides

Rangituhi harbour

Rangituhi harbour

Rangituhi Tawa

Rangituhi Tawa

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